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Leathergoods workshop

9 rue du pont aux choux
75003 Paris

Our leather craftsmen work with French  vegetable tanned leather

At Larfeuille, we practice "genuine" craftsmanship. With love and knowledge.
Our leather craftsmen make beautifully crafted and attractive leather objects.
Time is our friend. It brings softness and character to our products. And our  ingrassato leather add an incredibly beautiful patina.
Our leather is 100% sourced in France and it is vegetable tanned (i.e. colored during 12 months only by successive baths of tree trunk chips ).
All our Larfeuille products are customizable and made to order.
It's our way of making you really happy; as well as the planet.
If you want to be trained, our DIY leather workshops in Paris is open to anyone, just book your day :)

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100% handmade Parisian leather goods workshop