Foire aux questions

When are the Pleb Punks dropping?

New updates will come soon, as we creep closer and closer to our last Political Punks drop... Pleb Punks will be available to anyone who missed out, and want to enjoy and smoke up in our metaverse.

What's in store for Political Punks?

There is an abundance of things to come for Political Punks in the future, including: Political Punks X Pleb Punks GAME, Celebrity Partnerships, Airdrops. Our future lies in your hands...

How do I get my hands on Political Punks?

We do consistent drops of PUNKS every other day, the last being on OCT. 1st! If you arent able to snag one, you can always buy from the secondary market... Join our community in Discord for new updates on upcoming drops! https://discord.com/invite/CKGKp5VCbz

What is the smart contract address of Political Punks?