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Les artisans, la famille, les cousins, les copains de Larfeuille

Friends and family

They support us, accompany us, inspire us, that's why we really want to present them to you.


Romain Lessafré

Responsible for important stuff

This week it's the turn of my comrade Romain aka Château Brutal to go to our nice mill.
Musician, actor, reporter, creative director, author, knight of the wine-tasting pun, in short, it's a little Remi Brica in less well-combed, a little more rock and too cool 😀

How did we get to know each other?
A few years ago via Caroline A., probably in a bar. Where else?
Since many aperitifs, evenings, projects and discussions, always enriching, always funny. (yes, I transplanted this sentence to Caroline A)

What is your profession ?
I don't have a job, rather full of professional activities, generally creative, which intersect.
I am responsible for important things at Bazar Général, co-founded with Caroline Ales, who offers to bring fun to companies, I am also the author of the book “The amazing power of stage fright” which was released on March 17th (yes I do some promotion by the way), I am also author / curator / manager of wafers of the French Federation of Calembours with the boss of Larfeuille. Former in advertising, I also do AD and write on projects that amuse me. And you may have seen me in Airnadette, under the name of Château Brutal.

What do you find interesting or that appeals to you in the Larfeuille Paris project?
That's all I love: sincere, genuine, smart and beautiful. And the name is so cool!

Which one is your Larfeuille?
I ordered a beautiful jet black pill, for Caroline A's birthday (yes again!). It's always overflowing with stuff!

Do you have a commitment or a cause that is close to your heart?
Yes, I support the pun in all its forms. I am against the ostracization of those who make puns that are - wrongly - called rotten. To make a pun is to sculpt the French language, to knead it, to cherish it. You have to learn to love this valve craftsmanship at its true value. Shit I'm crying it's so beautiful.


Caroline Ales

Inspector of finished works

Caroline is almost a definition of rock 'n' roll on her own.

Entrepreneur, committed cultivated, generous, fan of music and with whom we can pogo during a concert or share stupid jokes :) it's not every day that we meet personalities like hers!


How did we get to know each other?

About 6 years ago, a meeting orchestrated by two good fairies, @Alex K and @Rosane M, for an artistic and solidarity project that has not seen the light of day, well not for the moment ...

Since many aperitifs, evenings, projects and discussions, always enriching, always funny.


What is your profession ?

I have two jobs: I am a communications consultant via La Curieuse and at Bazar Général ( ), co-founded with Romain L, who offers to bring fun to companies, I am an inspector almost finished work.


What do you find interesting or that appeals to you in the Larfeuille Paris project?

I like the idea: to do with his hands, to highlight magnificent know-how

I like the state of mind: local, artisanal, responsible, aesthetic and united tomorrow

I like its implementation: modest, simple, in the heart of Paris and at fair prices

I love its design: timeless and elegant


Which one is your Larfeuille?

A beautiful jet black pill, given by my man for my birthday. Delivered by a miracle, in full confinement, found after a treasure hunt in the depths of

the Aveyron, which I use as soon as I go out (at the moment mainly for shopping). I order for the next one: an XXL bag, strong and flexible, a tote to put a computer, a notebook, a book, a water bottle, with a hook for a bicycle helmet. You could call it the Grand Bazaar.


Do you have a commitment or a cause that is close to your heart?

An everyday feminism, which lets nothing pass, in particular the ordinary sexism which is rife everywhere, even today. Don't be silent, don't apologize, take our rightful place. In my job, in my personal life: highlighting women, making their projects and their expertise visible, believing them. Tell and repeat to little girls, teens and women that anything is possible and that they will not be alone.


Antonin Maurel

head clown

Antonin is one of those people that we meet and who cannot leave you indifferent. We don't do many like him anymore! Able to mobilize his clown buddies and go straight to a country at war, ( ) to do one of the most incredibly complicated things in the world: make children laugh in conflict zones.


How did we get to know each other?

We met on several occasions years ago, first through the chic favela gang where I worked and then in our projects at “Clowns Without Borders”. We very quickly had common artistic and humanitarian points of interest. And as you are first and foremost a pragmatic person, curious without certainty, and who listens first before saying we were meant to get along.


What is your profession ?

I do musical shows. I am a singer, actor, composer and performer.

I worked for and with JEROME SAVARY, VICTORIA CHAPLIN, MICHEL LEGRAND, ALAIN BASHUNG, PHILLIPPE DECOUFLE, the CRAZY HORSE, White Clowns at the “CIRCO PRICE DE MADRID” and actor in about twenty cine or TV films… I founded “ Clowns Sans Frontières ”France in 1993 and also published a photography book on Parisians“ METROPOLITUDE ”… ..


What do you find interesting or that appeals to you in the Larfeuille Paris project?

I like the larfeuille project because it seeks to create first a quality, ergonomic, ecological and aesthetic tool by favoring simplicity. And that's where it gets complicated :) it's a simple project but not simplistic. It is an ethical performance that must be supported without hesitation.


Which one is your Larfeuille?

A yellow saffron maquisarde

I really like this model for traveling. It's a pretty leather object that doesn't look like "Babacool" or too precious like "Hermès" :)

Do you have a commitment or a cause that is close to your heart?

My commitment was of course Clowns Sans Frontières for 25 years.

But for example my little simple daily and ecological gesture is to drink tap water for example. We are lucky to have gold flowing from our taps on almost the entire French territory, it must be protected!


Stephane de Freitas


Founder of Eloquentia (, director of the documentary film nominated for the Césars ("Aloud, la force de la parole") and more recently of "Solidarités" on Netflix, Stéphane is an extra ordinary type in the true sense of the word. term. He is able to move mountains and he decided to put all his energy, his creativity and his strength of conviction at the service of others.


How did we get to know each other?

We got to know each other a few years ago, through a very committed director and woman friend, Lisa. She thought that, given our common projects and commitments, we would undoubtedly have things to say to each other. Since then we have become great friends. And you dalleurs took over from me as volunteer president of Eloquentia :)


What is your profession ?

I am a social entrepreneur and artist (director and painter). I founded Eloquentia and at the moment I am developing a self-help social network that I created, INDIGO ( ), which allows people to exchange goods and services for free. nearby.


What do you find interesting or that appeals to you in the Larfeuille Paris project?

What I like is the approach and the beauty of the products, the traceability. The social approach is obviously very important, and then personalization, proximity to people, to recreate links and proximity.


Which one is your Larfeuille?

I love mine, a saffron yellow maquisard which has a very good patina.


Do you have a commitment or a cause that is close to your heart?

Orality. Learn to create dialogue together, everything related to educational speaking and relearn how to dialogue in a world of multiple voices. From a social and environmental point of view, pushing people to local mutual aid and the reuse of things that we no longer use, in particular via INDIGO.



Alien Mixologist

Max is an amazing meeting. A youngster keen on cinema and well done things. He makes goofy cocktails, poetic, he thinks and writes in a style that I love. With guys like him, the next generation is ready :)


How did we get to know each other?

Ah Il Fenomeno! If I remember correctly, our meeting took place through this holy woman Rosane Mazzer. One winter evening in 2019, 9th arrondissement, Imago bar. Rosane had booked you and your team of barlous for a crazy gig where you took up the standards of daddy's Rock. It was bitterly cold outside but you warmed the mood like no one else. It felt like we were at Queen's concert at Wembley in 1987. I was dancing topless on the bar, it was beautiful. Then you asked me for an Old Fashioned. You told me he was exceptional, so I gave you a second and since then we became friends


What is your profession ?

Originally I was trained as a historian and anthropologist, then I did a bit of consulting before getting out of this mess to return to my first love, the restaurant business. When we met I was head bartender in the Rosane restaurant. Today I live in Brussels and I am preparing a fanfare return to Lutèce for 2022 with a nice retro-futuristic bar project.


What do you find interesting or that appeals to you in the Larfeuille Paris project?

Larfeuille already nothing but the brand name, it makes me want to smoke a bunch of Gauloise without a filter and watch a Melville film. Jerome you feel that the guy is doing the leases the old fashioned way. Spot on, 100% handmade. At Larfeuille we take the time to respect this noble product that is French leather. We try to be respectful of men and of the Earth as well and that, I must say that I like it. And then no fuss, I like sober and elegant pieces. No frills, the lines are pure, it's clear, it's square.

And then beyond all that, the idea of ​​being able to share your expertise and knowledge with as many people as possible touches me a lot. Thanks to him many guys were able to have a job that makes sense and get back in the saddle.


Which one is your Larfeuille?

My first Larfeuille, I gave it to La Mama for her birthday in March 2020. A Safran-colored maquisard model with strap. She was thrilled, she uses it on a daily basis. This filth of confinement prevented me from offering her in person, suddenly it was my Jérôme who took care, in full confinement, to send her the package so that she would receive it in Normandy for D-Day. A lord I tell you.

Do you have a commitment or a cause that is close to your heart?

Social justice, universal love, a better world for all the damned on Earth, the union of the left for 2022. Including 'dream boy!


More specifically, I have family who still live in Port-au-Prince in Haiti. Through my work I try to highlight Haitian culture, its writers (Depestre, Lafferière), its gastronomy (Djon-Djon chicken, joumou soup) and its eaux-de-vie (Clairins, Barbancourt rum) ...


In the third place that I am going to create with my partner, I hope to be able to convey beautiful ideals such as tolerance, open-mindedness, and failure too! Allow everyone to meet, discuss, think, reflect by leaving the inter-self and the cult of screens. Amen.


Rosane Mazzer


Rosane is somehow a sister to me. We have created wonderful projects together and we are always thinking about the next one, which will necessarily combine creation, social utility, celebration and living together.


How did we get to know each other?

In another life ? Eh eh ! I ran my Brazilian club in Paris La Favela chic, you often came there to take a tropical vibe. We hit it off immediately and you offered to host events in sponsorship of social actions in the Favela of Vale Encantado, in Rio. And then, to be the sponsor of the project. Our joint force ended up launching an eco-responsible festival at the 2012 Earth Summit in Brazil.

What is your profession ?

I created and develop places of life. Now in a natural version, a relaxing and festive gite to come around natural wine: @lapanzanature

It seems essential to me to promote encounters around beauty. Eat, drink, learn, be inspired. My mantra? Life is the art of meeting!


What do you find interesting or that appeals to you in the Larfeuille Paris project ?

First of all, it's class. The pieces are sublime, well made, and respectful of the living throughout the production chain. Vegetable tannins, artisanal, local, sustainable and repairable. And then behind there is you Jérome, and you know how to create virtuous projects!


Which one is your Larfeuille?

The maquisard was the first. A foldable, seamless wallet. A real jewel of design. Now I picked up a modern, chic, green pill bag at the same time. Larfeuille are pieces that you want to keep for a lifetime, it's rare!


Do you have a commitment or a cause that is close to your heart?

The major commitment is to do something good and beautiful around you. Have an ethic and stick to it. Nature teaches me a lot too. In my professional sphere, it is working with a sourcing that is consistent with the preservation of nature and good practices. Recycling, upcycling, supporting artisans, sustainable agriculture, short circuits.

Because power goes where we put our money. This maxim is at the door of all of us! So watch out!

Yarol Poupaud

Yarol Poupaud


Yarol has always been a musician, an outstanding guitarist with a crazy career that you can discover as a road trip with a great soundtrack in his recently released book "Electric" which I highly recommend.

We met in Rio, during a break from the Encantado Festival that I created and organized with Rosane Mazzer and Jerome Pigeon from 2012 to 2014.

In 2014 there was the football world cup in Brazil, so we naturally suggested that FFF come and perform during the Festival.

One day off, everyone went to the beach, Yarol wanted to get to know the city a little better, to walk there, to feel it. Since I lived and worked there for years, I took it for a walk all day. Especially in less touristy places.

This is how we started to discuss and how I started to appreciate the man, curious cultivated. At the end of the day we went to discover what must be one of the most bizarre places that I know.

In an ordinary apartment building in the Copacabana district, we discovered on the 4th floor along an endless corridor, 3 apartments transformed into a guitar and effects store. Closed for all to see but full of equipment and instruments.

Yarol didn't come back empty-handed :)


How did we know each other?

“In Rio de Janeiro for an FFF concert, it's class isn't it? "

What is your profession ?

What do you like about the Larfeuille project?
“I love leather, that says it all! And we because we all need a good Larfeuillle. Beyond that, it interests me that we launch into a reflection on an essential element for a guitarist: the guitar straps. "

Editor's note: we'll talk about it soon :)

Which one are we licking? “The Daron of course! "

Is there a cause, something that is close to your heart?
"That artists can rebound, to be able to get back on stage quickly and share the moments with the public".



Upcycling Queen

Rubi is one of the flagship of the young guard who is making and will move fashion. She is developing a hyper-connected and conscious approach to re-use and do it yourself, completely anchored in the spirit of the times. or


How did we know each other?

"Through my parents, you worked with them on cultural and social projects."


What is your profession ?
"I am a digital marketing consultant and I am developing a brand: Rusmin, which works on fashion / eco responsible and alternative fashion"

What do you like about the Larfeuille project?
"The simplicity of the design. When I create I am not at all in the least. Everything that is done to have the least possibility of breaking, everything is done to be repaired, I find it thought intelligently, we sees that there is some thought behind it. "

Which is your larfeuille?
"Proud owner of a Crobe, card holder that revolutionized my life :) personalization is super important because having a twin sister, if I can put my name on my stuff, I do :)"

Is there a cause, something that is close to your heart?
"A commitment that I share with Larfeuille, on eco-responsibility, transparency on sourcing. I like knowing that it is done in Paris, in the 11th district: it is precise. It is traceable. J ' I like it. In addition, it raises people's awareness because when you know where your product comes from, you more naturally ask yourself the question of where your next purchases will come from ".


Jerome Pigeon

DJ, director  artistic

For those who discover him, Jérôme is a genialistic musical producer, it is a living encyclopedia of music and rock in particular, he accompanied the success of Seu Jorge, produced the very last piece of Jeanne Moreau and many others, he is also the co-founder and master of the decks of Favela Chic, which has driven the Parisian and London nights wild for 20 years. His legendary playlists of eclecticism and joie de vivre are today references around the world, here is one gift:


How did we know each other?
"We met for a particularly exciting project: The creation of the Encantado Festival, the first international music festival in a favela in Rio de Janeiro"

What is your profession ?

"DJ and musical artistic director"

What do you like about the Larfeuille project?
“I like Larfeuille first of all for the quality of its products, then because I like to see my friends achieve beautiful things, because my cousin Pauline is there and finally because being particularly clumsy with my hands I I admire those who know how to "manufacture" "


Which is your Larfeuille?

"Le Crobe, with my initials"

Is there a cause, something that is close to your heart?

"The reformation of OASIS"

Capture d’écran 2020-11-26 à

Caroline de Maigret


Today I want to share with you an exchange with @carolinedemaigret . What I really appreciate about her is her frankness and the way she is committed on a daily basis: generous, not-for-you-see, efficient and classy. In short, rare. she has so many caps that only one can sum it up :) so here's a little preview.

How did we know each other?

"It was 5 years ago through Yarol, my man. He had the intuition that we perhaps had subjects on which we could meet. So we started a common discussion on the way to combine our respective commitments around solidarity, fashion, usefulness. And that's what we have been doing ever since. "

What is your profession ?
I am a producer of music and films.

What do you like or appeal to you about the Larfeuille project ?
"The craftsmanship, the respected chain of work and controlled sourcing delight me. Also, that you are very attentive to your entourage. And suddenly we find this generosity in your work. We feel that it is to do in the right way and serve us, even if it is through a pleasure act that is the purchase "


Which one is your Larfeuille ?
"The Maquisard, a wallet that I use as a passport holder. I am a frequent traveler, it is an essential element, I take it out all the time, from the desk at the airport, to the hotel counter. It brings a little chic touch that I like without being ostentatious. "


Is there a cause, something that is close to your heart ?
"There are several! But above all, it must be concrete, tangible. I get involved by being in the field, by raising funds and by communicating. I am mobilized to fight against all forms of precariousness, in particular with the Secours Populaire ( . The fight against violence in general and everything related to the education of the young generations are also themes on which I try to be active. "


Guillaume  Cartigny

Brand Strategist

Let me introduce you to Guillaume Cartigny.
Guillaume is a very close friend, he followed all the steps that led to the creation of Larfeuille. He also participated or launched with me other social projects. He is one of the rare people on whom I know I can rely for advice, an idea or just to have a drink and talk about life.

How did we know each other?

"It's been 20 years already, you were a friend's brother-in-law, before becoming THE friend. I have several jobs to tell the truth."


What is your profession ?

"The real thing, officially, is to work on brand strategies and to try to make their speech a little more concrete, a little more true. I am also a part-time teacher, and I also create 'stuff', which sometimes are sold. Carpentry, painting, sculpture according to the desires which often change. "

What do you like or call you about the Larfeuille Paris project?

The paradox between its extreme ease and its great complexity. In terms of products and approach. Easy to use, easy to manufacture. But complex in its design and in the implementation of a social entrepreneurship approach.


Which one is your Larfeuille?

" My Larfeuille. I have 3 of which 2 are essential to me. The first is a Maquisard. I have everything in it, I even found a tiny backup battery that fits perfectly, it never leaves me , or rather he never leaves my bag. The second is a crobe. I put my navigo pass, a little cash, sometimes a credit card. It is he that I take with me when I want to go for a walk. hands in pockets.The third, an Origa, has not yet found its place, but I find it magnificent.


Is there a cause, something that is close to your heart ?
More commitment since the Abaquar * epic with Jérôme already, which has reinforced my sensitivity for education in its democratization and in its adaptation to different audiences. * Abaquar was a Franco-Brazilian NGO with which we developed a number of projects in Rio between 2000 and 2014. "

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