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French Style, Design, and Leather

We draw much of our inspiration from the elegance and spirit of everyday pocket and travel items from the 1950s, striving to infuse them with a touch of modernity and sensuality.

Our designs effortlessly blend into both feminine and masculine wardrobes, often minimalist and focused on utility. However, it's the material that often adds character. That's why we primarily use vegetable-tanned leather, sometimes retaining its raw essence.

Our approach aims for designs that can be entirely crafted by individuals without specific qualifications. Our entire social integration model is thus based on "handmade" craftsmanship.

Wealth is only valuable when shared.

We are convinced that we can develop an economy by paying fair wages to workers, by thinking about our way of producing to minimize our negative impacts on the environment as much as possible, and by raising awareness among our customers and partners in this approach.

Material is our compass.

We exclusively use French leathers with vegetable tanning, with limited colors that enhance the materials developed by our suppliers to the fullest.

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