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We believe it's important to share some insights and principles regarding our vision of what it means to be a responsible brand, especially at our level as a small business, without claiming to be authoritative.

From the inception of our brand, our approach has been to minimize our negative impacts as much as possible and to focus on developing positive impacts.

We aim to demonstrate that quality, craftsmanship, and an approach aligned with contemporary issues are not incompatible with fair prices. To sustain our economic model, we have chosen to minimize the number of intermediaries. This helps reduce the distance traveled by materials and finished products, thereby cutting logistical costs. We firmly believe that creating, producing, and selling in the same location adds value. Transparency is paramount. Everyone can see and "feel" how our creations are made. Customers can experience the workshop, enabling us to offer a high level of service and customization almost without additional costs.

By sourcing locally and using only French leather, our raw material travels only the necessary distance to be tanned and stored at our supplier's facility, just 1 km from the workshop. Whenever possible, we offset the carbon footprint of our shipments.

We reuse half of the split leather scraps and 70% of our other scraps. This led to the creation of the "Cowboy" bag, conceived in collaboration with the upcycling brand RUSMIN.

From a social perspective, despite being a very small business, we prioritize a training and skills transmission approach (internships, apprenticeships). We have trained over 15 individuals in saddle stitching (students, retirees, career changers) who sometimes work with us, have joined workshops of major fashion houses, started their own businesses, or continued their studies.

Finally, whenever feasible, we link the launch of new products or collaborations with a charitable project. For instance, the Kinarmonik association, which trains young people in music in Kinshasa, has been supported through sales of our "Dragonne" guitar strap.

If you have any questions on these topics, we'll be happy to answer them.

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